Meet Our Team

Why Us

Anmoal Caterers offers a fine selection of entree, main course dishes and set meals and is well known throughout the area for its excellent service, quality food, tasteful elegance and best price.

Fresh focuses in food that is good for you. We strive to satisfy each client and perfect every event that we cater. In addition, we only use the highest quality type of ingredients and the latest technology necessary to ensure the reliability of our food and services. Our reputation rests on a steadfast pursuit of this policy in our catering business.We quote all parties individually, depending on type of service, number of guests and choice of cuisine. No matter what your budgetary needs are, the quality of our product is NOT price dependent.

We have adopted traditional cooking methods to provide our customers an excellent eating experience. We provide you food with taste and elegance, contributing to making your dream event a success. We have an extensive menu, and a range of set menus. We take pride in the quality of the services we provide, and we have a wide clientele who have always been pleased with our service.

Company Statement

To offer excellent service, great taste, honest advice and unforgettable experience to our customers at an affordable price. Anmoal upholds the tradition of delivering quality foods and quality services that are customized to client's preferences. our mission to ensure your event is a complete success.

To be the most trusted and respected Indian catering business in the industry, which understands customer's needs and respect their demands. We are committed to provide a consistently high quality service to all our customers.

What sets Anmoal a most preferred catering business in the region, is our stringent focus on quality control and the authenticity of the recipes as well as all the ingredients used for preparation.
Authentic Hyderabadi, Mughlai food is known for its generous use of exotic spices and the richness and texture of gravies. Our chefs dedicated more than half of their lives in the field of cooking.
We use the finest ingredients to prepare tasty, made-from-scratch products for our clients. Innovative recipes and event planning styles will compliment the healthy, flavorful products tailored specifically to our clients’ needs.
Halal food is our specialty. We pride ourselves on our excellent product range and efficient delivery of halal and healthy poultry, meat.
  1. We act with honesty and give respect
  2. We are all accountable
  3. We are passionate about our business and our food
  4. We have the humility and hunger to learn.Innovate & Excellence
  5. We value time and make the best out of every opportunity
  6. We give more than what is expected